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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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they had the most rain fall in january. now over 10 inches for the month. rain near sarasota, light rain near st. pete. more off shore. as i mentioned, the cold front that will clean things out is west of us the rain extends from oh about north port all the way to fort myers and naples. there is more out in the gulf, the cold front is here. until that goes by, the weather will stay unsettled, that is through midday and after that the stage is set for a great couple of days and at 5:20. back. look at this the video of the damage left by a tornado that went through south florida. it was near a community college. it damaged homes, cars and apartment building. we'll hear from the witnesses who describe what it was like as it moved through.
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there exist nos death penalty -- exists no death penalty in the state of florida. he blocked a prosecutors from seeking the death penalty. this sis after a ruling by the supreme court that called the unconstitutional. and gloria gomez has been following this closely, how are people reacting to the decision. >> some are calling it brave and he is a trend setter knowing the state's death penalty is in limbo. >> a judge made a big ruling that could set a trend. >> in my opinion it is courageous. >> michael andrews rejected the notice that they plan to seek the death penalty against steven dikes, accused of killing his 3 month old little girl. >> the judge wrote, quote, the court concludes there exist nos death penalty in the state of florida in that there are no procedures in place. an attorney said until
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other judges will face the same dilemma. >> others will follow suit. >> this comes on the heels of a decision by the u.s. supreme court this month. it said the way florida handles death penalty cases is unconstitutional. the way it works now the juries recommend life or death but a judge makes the decision. the nation's high court said that is a violation of the 6th amendment. only juries can make that decision. what does this mean for prosecutors who want to seek death in pinellas or any other county. >> it's not the prosecutor's fault or the defense's fault it is the law. the slaw in flux and in limbo. nobody knows. >> now a prosecutors told reporters he disagrees with the judge. no word yet, though, whether he will appeal the judge's decision. chris, back to you. >> gloria gomez, thank you for that.
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have tightened security around the wildlife refugee in oregon following a standoff last night. it was as officers were arresting leaders of the armed protestors during a traffic stop. officers say two people refused to surrender and that's when the shooting started a protestors was killed, another hurt. officers arrested eight people. they have occupied that for most of the month now and investigators are not say hog opened fire first but an f.b.i. agent blames the protestors. >> it is the actions and choices of the armed occupiers that lead us to where we are today. they had ample opportunity to leave the refugee peacefully. >> the occupiers say the protestor killed had his hands him. law enforcement would not comment on that claim they say later. some of the demonstrators say they will stay at that facility. they have been there since january 2nd protesting
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comes to federal lands. the boycott is on for donald trump. he said he will not be on the debate stage tomorrow night and it is because of his feud with the moderator megyn kelly. >> i'm not a fan of megyn kelly. she is a third rate reporter. she frankly is not good at what she does. i think they can do better than megyn kelly. >> let's bring in craig patrick who is traveling iowa today. stealing ought the headlines he will boycott. will he change his mind f he doesn't will that back fire? >> i have no idea what donald trump is going to do, nobody does. all predictions are fraught with peril. this is something that can cut against donald trump or work for him. it depends on what happens on thursday night. and what he has done by boycotting this debate is freeze the field. all of his would be challengers can not directly confront him in
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as they hoped and planned t is the equal of taking a knee when you have a lead in the follows in the fourth quarter. that's what he is doing. on the flip side if there is an empty podium there or an empty leak turn, it leave as very troubling situation for donald trump if the others start to pile on and point to that empty location at the middle of the stage w this, that's something that can work against him if his challengers are successfully able to develop the narrative that donald trump somehow is afraid of going to the debate. >> who stands to gain the most if he is a no show? >> i think that ted cruz stands to lose the most he is neck and neck with donald trump he will not be able to engage him as he hoped w that bang the case perhaps those who stand the most to gain without him in the stage are marco rubio and jeb bush, the others who may have been cut out at least this way he will
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>> on the democratic side, hillary clinton is pressing for another debate before the new hampshire primary and what is the strategy. >> and bernie sanders has the moment equipment. the prevailing thought was that the lack of debate would work in hillary clinton's favor, that does not appear to be the case. she is interested in having another one. the question is, will there be an unsanctioned debates. if there is, it may be up to bernie sanders at this point whether he wants to participate, at that point it raises questions for other debates down the line. this is a very interesting moving target. one worth watching. >> you will be reporting from iowa for a number of days, what is your game plan. >> we'll be here a week, we'll go into the war rooms and voter's living rooms, we'll cover the debate and the results as they come in on monday night.
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traversing the state and meeting voters and a special, special money, power, politics that will kick offer saturday at 5:30. we will join you starting tomorrow morning throughout the stay here in iowa through monday night. >> thank you, craig. >> travel safely. >> thank you. st. pete police are investigating an accident a tractor-trailer that was turning on to 38th efficient when a car ran into it and the car was wedged under, crushed there. the truck dragged it a short distance. the driver of the car died. no one in the tractor-trailer was hurt. police are not sure if the fog or the roads played a role in the crash. >> man taken to the hospital after a crash committed suicide in the er. deputies were at bay front health for an unrelated case. a nurse started screaming. they tried to safe william
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self-inflicted gunshot wound. you know the gasparilla parade is having swashbuckling fun but serious business for first responders with all the people to look out for. they are taking steps to make sure they are safe. and aaron mesmer is live in tampa, show us the resources that the paramedics will ride around on. >> reporter: for people coming out here with all the pirates there will be paramedics on bikes. this is the first for a parade. the police and rescue teamed up to for the first assessment stabilization team or fast for short t is made up of 16 paramedics who will have access to bikes with emt equipment. this is going to allow them to get to medical emergencies quicker than they have. it could take a long time to weave through the massive crowd. they have been training for this for weeks and the children's
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and tampa fire rescue said this is going to make large events even safer. >> what you have are limited ways of access in and out f we found someone in the crowd and has a medical emergency or a traumatic injury, us being on bikes reduces the same it will take to get there. >> and this will help keep in better and more meet contact with dispatchers. with dispatchers. this is the new normal for events like gasparilla, they are going to be standard procedure for large events like other parades, art shows and races. we're live in tampa. a man accused of a elaborate grow house operation made a court appearance. he kept more than 200 marijuana
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a value of $320,000. and he stole more than $8000 in electricity to keep the operation going. he is being held on $24,000 bond. florida public schools may get to use different standardized tests. a senate panel voted for a bill to give the option of changing from the assessment to alternative tests like the sat or act for yearly tests. but the education commissioner questions the proposal saying that the college admission tests are not aligned to florida's standards. look at this, in and out in 15 seconds. a robber made off with thousands in pain medication. who is responsible that left the pharmacy owner stunned. that's at 5:30. trees up rooted, cars overturned. the damage left behind from a
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we have gotten rain here but
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bit of damage from aered tornado -- from a tornado in broward county. it caused a mess in coconut creek. and vanessa medina shows us the damage. it is ripping out here. >> reporter: you can see the strength of the storm, cell phone video capturing the >> whoa! holy (bleep). >> reporter: it picks up more sending toys flying and debris is airborne, we heard howling the rain was coming down. >> it started just after 9:30 a.m. on wednesday morning. >> the windows almost started like breaking it was dark. >> we heard bangs and booms and we heard the cars on top of each other, it was flipping cars,
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parkway. >> reporter: causing problems, flipping a tractor-trailer and that's not all. >> we're investigating at this time two crashes northbound and four southbound, one included a overturned box truck and car. >> the white car was southbound, she said it was lifting her car sending her into the northbound lanes. >> it tore roofs off the buildings and one more across the damage. >> the crews start to clean up. >> never seen anything like this that's for sure. >> van seas medina reporting from broward county. that did a lot of damage like what we saw in sarasota and manatee. >> not good to be standing bay glass window. >> not good. >> that's all the recommendation number one, rule number one, stay away from the windows get a room of your house a pantry, bathroom something that does not
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el nino winters and the tornado goes up in the state. for us, that weather was south of us, take a look outside now, where, yeah, it is kind of damp and a cloudy damp day, the heaviest rain fell overnight. how fast the systems move. that rain at 5:00 last night was barely visible. i showed you a batch of rain down by cuba. that moved over the state and has moved east of us the heavy stuff has. that's how fast it is all moving from southwest to northeast. cloudy and damp on the camera. and lots of low cloud as dark afternoon and we still have persistent rain and the gauge in fort myers. most they had in january and they're still more rain coming up with them tonight and tomorrow.
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very heavy rain for our friends and venice, not much, tampa bay north light rain around tampa from sarasota and the yellow heavy rain. if you watch us you have got a wet couple of hours on the way. and lurking to the west and southwest breaks in the rain off shore but there is additional rain bands along i-75 to naples. and now to clear things up and we have the front going by which is here when that happens around midday tomorrow that's it. we're done. when the winds will shift and a drier and cooler weather moves in for at least a couple of days. as i said a couple of times the weekend is outstanding. rain fall tallies for january. tampa missed the rain but still you know we're double the average at 4.92.
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on record approaching the fifth which is 6.3. and the wettest january on record. check that out 10.74 inches of rain that is a wet july for them, bringing significant amounts and in the winter time. you look at the cloud mass. the clouds extend well to the southwest of us beyond the scope of the radar there is more rain lurking back here. this will ride ahead of the front. i think we see additional rounds tonight and some around tomorrow the threat of the severe weather is minimal. there could be a gusty storm, very small chance of a tornado f that were to happen, that would be south -- tornado. if that were to fan, that would be south.
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deal with a fast jet stream and dynamics. bands of rain. here is another one tomorrow. but it does show, this you can trust, that by later in the day by this time tomorrow by friday at 5 a.m. we should say, a gusty northwest wind and the air mass is drying up so friday, saturday and sunday will all be good with lots of sunshine. just a general thunder storm area and marge ideal risk of storms south of tampa bay. that will continue during the day on thursday. temperatures right now holding in the 60s. the moisture is up significantly and dew points in the mid-60s a couple of days ago we had dew points in the teens and 20s and really just an air mass out of canada. that's gone away. now an air mass in the caribbean that's over us. it is slowly moving by.
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the front accelerates to the southeast. they will shift and the rain is done for a couple of nice days. periods of rain. storms south of tampa bay. in the mid-60s it will be wet. any rain should end by mid-to-late afternoon. we're about 68 for a high. on friday sunshine and pleasantly cool and a nice day. winds will shift. light chop on the bay. next tide is a low 250eud. we get through tonight and tomorrow after that it looks good. there are signs of very cold air during the second half of next week. we'll talk about that in the days ahead. kelly. >> thank you, paul. for years police departments have received surplus military equipment to make sure officers have better equipment than the bad guys. but now the police departments
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tonight at 6:00, why the government wants to take back the military gear and what some police agencies are giving up. beads are part of the fun of gasparilla but are the plastic strands a hazard to our environment? you'll see what people are doing to make sure they do not end up in the bay. that's ahead at 6:00. being a snow bird is the best thing that could have happened to us. >> collecting, jewelry, food and entertainment.
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three things are certain in florida: thee things are certain, sun, sand and snow birds. our friends from the north come from canada and mike bennett said a convention caters just to them. >> my favorite thing about being in florida is escaping the cold weather. >> the sun no snow. >> good morning. >> thousands flock to the sunshine state every year when
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winter comes out. >> n 33. >> g 49. >> here in lakeland the snow bird association looks to help those making florida the seasonal home by putting on the snow birth extravaganza. >> the 22nd year in lakeland. that's a show we put on free of charge. they are down here. a paste of -- a taste of home. >> it features food, clothing and entertainment t is an opportunity for the vendors to come here and sell their wares. >> there is a lot of information they don't know, people are good at telling us how to do and what to do and how to go about it, they get a chance to feel like a true floridian. >> and it is rough, they show up
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35,000. they may spend less. they will come regardless of the performance. >> being a snow bird is the best thing that could have happened to us. >> live from lakeland. >> all young people should take into consideration retiring first we have so much fun. >> mike bennett fox 13 news. >> thank you for that, mike. a tarpon springs man is florida's newest millionaire. he won 3 million in a scratch off game and listen to this instead of taking it he chose to $120,000. he purchased his winning ticket at spartan auto repair south in tarpon springs. and a school principal made the ultimate sacrifice. she saved two students from a bus but could not save herself.
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i just could not believe it. a pharmacy owner stunned after a robber swiped $50,000 of pain medication but the video
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will see why he was in and out within seconds. this robber
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he wanted.. and where to get it. this is surveillance footage and this is footage from a pharmacy in sarasota the boxes were full of a painkiller. deputies caught the man and as kimberly kuizon reports he was no stranger to the pharmacy. >> sun pharmacy in sarasota is where you will find bob patel. he opened the pharmacy six years ago. >> when you need it, let us know. >> it is his life and his patients mean everything. >> i don't want to push the pills i want to make a difference in someone's life. >> on tuesday around 4 a.m. he got a call from the sheriff's office, someone had busted in his front door. >> when i heard about that someone broke in, it was hard to believe. i saw it i said why would they do that. >> he found someone who stolen 12 boxes of doses of a highly addictive spray. >> i was devastated i could not believe it. >> they turned to footage that's
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a hoodie running in and running out with the drugs. but the person who doak through here at sun pharmacy was no stranger it was someone bob patel waited on for years. >> it is obvious from his direction of travel and purpose on the video he knew what he was doing. >> he didn't take anything else raised a suspicion. >> when the pharmacist went there he knew. >> he identified the man as matthew kretchfield. a relative is the only patient using it, my heart goes for them. they have been my patient for more than 3, 4 years so i never doubted or suspected anything like this when they can. >> he admitted to stealing the drugs and said he was using them for himself, the addiction to the pain medications is damaging to our community, and in this case to this individual. >> in sarasota county. >> kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news.
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his bond is $13,000. the mayor of flint, michigan said people impacted by the water crisis there should not have to pay for water they cannot use. the tap water was contaminated with too much lead after switching it to the flint river. the mayor and the governor laid out the plans they're putting in place to help the people of flint. >> and establish a separate group of experts to work with us on the question of how do we get the water turned back on so it can be safe and clear and what testing should be involved to get to that point. >> criticism has been growing over the attorney-general's investigation into the handling of the water crisis. some of the attorneys who filed a suit on behalf of the people are now calling on the governor and agencies to release e-mails in relation to flint's water. a sad story here, people gathered for a prayer vigil to remember a heroic elementary cool teacher in indianapolis.
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that's when the principal sue jordan pushed kids out of the way. the bus hit and killed her. injureed were two students. police say the driver of the bus show nod signs of impairment. they are srepgting why it lost control. and a helicopter crashes and lands in the intersection. it lost power and had no choice but to make an emergency landing. it tipped over after landing. the pilot and passenger were okay. the pilot was instructing a student pilot how to play. >> lawmakers give approval to allow religion groups to deny weddings to same-sex couples t is the pastor protection act. it is in the wake of the supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage. a panel voted to approve the measure, the bill would protect the clergy and churches from lawsuits if they turn away gay couples who want to marry.
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bitter pill to swallow. what it does is make that easier. some are going to have a hard time wall slowing that. but it makes it easier. >> opponents say the bill is redundant because of the constitution's protection of religious rights. a house committee will hear the bill tomorrow. pirates are not the only ones invading tampa, what very to deal with dinosaurs now. this he have roared back to life at dinosaurs in motion t is interactive, you can control this t-rex using gears and levers. look at that, that's cool. this is all designed to show the mechanical parts of the metal skeletons in action and teach them how they move. >> you can see them while are you checking out awesome massive dinosaurs are you soaking in science. are you understanding how the different ideas work without feeling like are you being
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>> and they sneak in the education there. can you use the dinosaur to chomp your sister maybe. it is opening saturday. admission is 20 for kids 26 for adults and that exhibit will be here until may. >> chomping the sister probably not allowed.
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why social media use could be ju just yesterday a taskforce recommended all pregnant women and moms be screened for depression. while the appropriate treatment may vary many may be getting mixed signals whether
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pregnancy a study out today suggests the drug does not pose a risk to unborn children. let's bring in dr. jo to talk about this. what is the research saying. >> yesterday we heard from the preventative services taskforce there may be a risk for those babies born to moms who were on anti-depressants especially the second generation anti-depressants like prozac. we're hearing a study out of britain that said they looked at the babies born to moms on the same types of anti-depressants they did not find that in their heart that they were concerned about. that's -- it had to do with the valve. but going back to what we were talking about yesterday, some of the other things that they are concerned about or were are other things like seizures. pull know marry hypertension. lin darks bottom line is this, these have all been observational, cause and effect. they are not perfectly formed yet but again women should be
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about it before they start them. >> what is your advice to women who are confused by the studies? >> i think it starts with the doctor. talk to the doctor. you have to look at risk-benefit ratios. the likelihood of the chance is very small. and if a mom is struggling, there are other problems that can occur if she does not get the appropriate treatment. they talked about cognitive therapy. clearly the taskforce said they didn't investigate other modalities. yoga or medication. there may be other things. the bottom line is to get help. don't ignore the symptoms and they may not put you on medication. >> don't be ashamed. >> changing gears now a study is saying people who always have their heads buried in facebook may not get a great night sleep. that may include me.
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looking at younger adults up to 32 and what they found is that the more time they spent on social media the worst their sleep was. that is like something that would be logical but they're not sure if the young people are on social media because they cannot sleep or if the social media is causing them to stress they are watching a youtube video that's got violence in it or maybe seen something on facebook about a friend that is suburbing them. at this -- that is disturbing them. they don't know. there was an increase the longer you were on social media they were over an hour a day and more than 30 encounters per week, they tended to have more sleep disturbances than those staying away, i need to put the phone down. thank you, dr. jo. >> chip? >> you know all kinds of story lines around the lightning game tonight against toronto.
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3 its that time again. time to check what is trending. time to check out the themes on social creed ya. you don't have time yourself. >> sleep today, right. what did you do or son do to get him to go to sleep.
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>> my wife takes care of that since i'm here. i think the latest trick is just -- he puts himself to sleep. that's when he has a cold. he gets a bedtime story and he is good to go. >> this may work. >> , she was having a blast on the train set. mom had to send an e-mail. she was oddly quiet. that's when you know something is up. >> or something bad has happened. >> she came back to find vivian had fallen asleep. >> what is that noise going on and on. >> it is not that soothing. >> but it is. >> she liked it. >> and the motion. hope she did not miss other stop. this is video of a dog playing soccer. which one the dog is. look at this. it is amazing,
5:39 pm
is to keep it from hitting the ground. scott has no problem. pitch it in. that's cool. >> they're doing a good job of working the dog into the mix. pass it. and the guy with the speedo is hogging the ball. stay away. stop staring. >> just keep it on the dog. >> that's pretty cool there. there he goes again. he knows when it is his turn, he snows the pattern. >> that's a smart dog. spedyo now it's my turn. >> to the next. a victim of the blizzard. the perry family spotted this pig frozen on the side of the road. >> they said are we taking this only with bananas, they named
5:40 pm
now he is at a animal facility. >> and bacon and eggs for breakfast, they are going to take him to a farm a sanctuary but they named him wee and wee because dad had a imaginary friend that was a pig named wee wee. >> don't we all? >> i guess we do. >> it is the rule. >> imaginary friend. good stuff. >> i'm locked in with more rain for a day, the time something good for gasparilla. saturday will be fantastic. point a to c involves trouble here it is. it is the clouds and damp they are in motion. it did not last long. and i don't think the rain is done quite yet. as we eruded -- eluded to.
5:41 pm
another day or so. 68. and clouds and the low is 63 degrees. and 20s and 30s around the area. we're 11 degrees alove the low of 52. there we go. 68 under mostly cloudy skies and rain. sky tower is still active. there is a huge batch of light rain. the good news is that i don't see really any significant threat tonight. there could be stronger storms south and energy rolling across that could make for storms but it should be a rain event. it is a steady light rain in pinellas, some of hillsborough, all of polk county is wet. same in islands and all the way into manatee and sarasota counties. the rain will continue we expand out in the gulf. we slide to the south.
5:42 pm
naples to fort myers, fort myers the rain fall total is now approaching 11 inches the wettest january on record. and there is no -- there is more rain to go. the cold front is here. that will slide our way. once that front goes by that's it. we improve dramatically by late tomorrow and friday and the weekend is good. cool nights, mild days. here is the front on the backside with a shifting wind. more rain lurking out into the gulf. you can see on the water vapor a plume it is along the wet. every once in a while an impulse goes by the rain grows and intensifies that was the case last night. that impulse went by there is another one here, that goes by later tonight. once they go by and we can finally say hello to the sunshine and goodbye to the
5:43 pm
and right now 60s around the area. dew points are in the mid-to-upper 60s. we're 65 degrees tonight for a low. periods of rain and a few storms south. 65 will do it. mostly cloudy. a little sun late in the day any rain will be ending from northwest to southeast. friday looks good. sunshine, pleasantly cool, a high in the mid-60s. if you're boating wind northwest 10 knots. a low chop. high hide at 10 tonight. rain is out tomorrow, better -- then a nice stretch. five case in a row with sunshine and another front goes by maybe wednesday could be significantly colder thursday and friday of next week. chip. >> buddy, you know the toronto-lightning game loaded with story lines. jon cooper is pushing for a win. the story is with the media. and we have more to break it all
5:44 pm
>> reporter: chip, you know this is the only game the lightning will be playing in an 11-day span. you can see why there is family sis on winning the game. certainly the lite do not want to go in with two losses in a row. they were playing terrific hockey against the defeat against the panthers. the break allows them an opportunity to get some solid practice in, teams don't get many days to practice once the season is underway. so this gave the lightning two solid days to clean up the issues before playing toronto. make no mistake the lightning cannot afford to look past a maple leafs team. they need the with into avoid dropping a second game. they could not want to waste the hard work they put in. >> like they said they come to go to work. and it's, you worry about the
5:45 pm
starting, you know that guys right after the ga imare not saying okay the all star break is here. what will we do. that's stuff that's been planned. and this is for all the teams you don't want them looking ahead. what very a job to do tonight and then we can enjoy what is about to go on. >> and when toronto comes to town, that mean as slew of media come with them. there is one top ec the canadian reporters have on their mind -- steven stamkos. and the maple leaf fans want the home star to come home. they want him to be a free agent. we'll talk with elliott friedman who broke the story the lightning have made an offer the first one to steven stamkos and that offer, again, eight years, $68,000,000.8.5 million a year that's below the 10 million
5:46 pm
the new deal that he is asking from for the lightning. lost a icon today. you recognize the voice. >> it has happened. here they are. green flag in the air. they take off for turn number one for furious racing the final 70 laps. >> barney hall, one of the original members of the network hall of fame worked nascar for 50 years. the daytona 500 has been run 57 times. he was there for all but four. jeff gordon calls him a legend. he will be greatly missed. ky tell you one of the genuine people could you ever meet. i have got to show you this, we got this in. the st. pete masters holding a swim meet and the team got a visitor. watch this. [music]
5:47 pm
pool and is not going to affect the swimming. a little stubborn. instead of flying off the bird will work its way from lane to lane. nobody is -- nobody is slowing down for this thing. [ laughter ] >> they were not phased at all there was a giant bird in the water. >> it lands on the roof and flies out and didn't result the race. i don't know if that affected times. i would have been tempted to pull up. >> they are swimming. >> the pelican finished fourth, right. >> he got the australian swimmer by a beak. the tanner gang is back. maybe full house getting a
5:48 pm
we get a peek beh3 not a good day on wall street. the dow fell 223 points after the not a great day on wall street. the dow decided not to raise the key interest rate. the s&p dropped 20 points the dow 222 as you see there. the weight is almost -- wait is almost over for the fans of full house which includes most of america. >> right. >> a reboot called fuller house premiers. >> and we are more from los angeles on that.
5:49 pm
fuller house. >> ladies and gentlemen, 30 years in the making fuller house >> fuller house carries the same emotional loving family tone through the show the original did. >> it is two important words, have mercy. >> no, how rude. >> indidn't realize the emotional impact it would have on me, looking around the room seeing the wonderful faces that i love was a moment that you get maybe once or twice in life, hello. i love every one, i love you and you and you. >> but everyone in the fuller house knows who is responsible for the second chance, the devoted fan base, they have grown up watching us. they're a part of the family.
5:50 pm
>> you having fun. >> there is a thank you. i want to say thank you for being such loyal fans so we're able to bring this back to life. >> you got it, dude. >> coming back and getting to work with the people i love it was fun, they say can you never go home but we came home. >> i know many fans are excited they're back home. linda and chris, back to you. >> if john stamos and lori loughlin aged. >> no. >> mark and kelly, they will have a lot of fun. anxious to see it. they are zipping around riding a long or short board. >> we're talking about skate skateboarders why police in sarasota are very interested in finding out who the skateboarder is and what he is doing with his board. >> the f.b.i. makes a move. one is dead several others have been arrested but it is not quite over yet.
5:51 pm
with his hands for more than 40 years.
5:52 pm
ne there are criminals that have high caliber weapons. the only people that can respond is law enforcement. the government wants to take back the equipment it gave to the police officers y some say that is not the best idea. people are looking for the most cost effective way getting
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